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Best known for beaches, cliffs, and bluffs above the Pacific and in-between cliffs, Davenport offers spectacular world-class seascape scenery and tremendous surfing opportunities.

Davenport, CA

Best known for beaches, cliffs, and bluffs above the Pacific and in-between cliffs, Davenport offers spectacular world-class seascape scenery and tremendous surfing opportunities.

Davenport: Where it began

Before Davenport had its name, John Pope Davenport; a whaling captain settled half a mile away from the current town in 1867. He developed a 400ft wharf at the mouth of Agua Puerca Creek to load lumber from the hill and ship to Santa Cruz. Gradually, a small village, Davenport Landing, grew around the wharf, but when Davenport, the captain, went bankrupt after some years, he moved to Santa Cruz.

Nevertheless, the small Davenport Landing village continued, and luckily, the Santa Lime Company was bought by  William Dingee, an east coast businessman, to San Vicente Creek, south of Davenport Landing. The following year, Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company was built, and a new settlement grew around it. This new residence still had the name Davenport (without the landing), and that has been its name till today.

Davenport Real Estate Insight

Beautifully displayed along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, 9 miles North of Santa Cruz, Davenport is layered with artichoke and strawberry fields. Its surroundings and architecture being overlaid with a cloud of history give the residents a feel of the ancient city.

With a year-round mild climate, Davenport offers a peaceful abode to locals and visitors, and depending on the location, homes in Davenport, CA, can be purchased by different pocket sizes. Even on the lower side, houses in Davenport are conducive, and the environment, suitable for raising a family. According to, Davenport homes range from $219K to $998k.

People and lifestyle

Known as the ‘Small beach town’ and a popular stop along California’s Slow Coast drive, Davenport, CA, is not just a home to American Abalone, Cement Plant, and CEMEX Redwoods. It has become a one-stop destination for travelers; little wonder its population increased to 408 in 2020 with a total of 66.7% whites.

The town is famous mainly for its spectacular beaches, windsurfing, gorgeous hiking, and sea glass beaches on low tides. Because of the ever-present winds from the North-west, the Waddell Beach in Davenport is internationally rated as the best windsurfing spot.

Insider Tips

Things to do in Davenport

From hiking to ocean swing and a perfect road trip, the list of things to do in this charming Highway 1 town is almost endless. All on Highway 1, the Bonny Doon Vineyard offers tasty gulps of French-style wine, and the Pigeon Point Lighthouse is one for fresh air, blue skies and even bluer water.

Your stay in Davenport would be incomplete if you did not pick strawberries at the Swanton Berry Farm. This popular stand along Highway 1 has the most organically grown strawberries and produces the best-baked goods, fruits, and jams in the area. If you are going with a group, ensure everyone gets a slice because they are so good that no one will want to share.

Restaurants and local spots

Davenport, CA, has many fantastic spots to fulfill your cravings and give you a full stomach. In Davenport, 10 minutes from Santa Cruz, is the Davenport Roadhouse settled among boutique vineyards, organic farms, state beaches, and hiking trails. There, you are assured of the most outstanding local wines and perfect ocean views.

If you are a lover of Mexican meals, Taqueria La Patrona offers the best Birria tacos, and puts an end to every search for freshly made Mexican delicacies. Their quality, freshness, and flavors are second to none.

Also, the Whale City Bakery is a place you should visit for some cheese croissants and ham on your way to catch surf. If you don’t mind staying out late, visit the bakery on Thursday night for some tacos and live music. With their in-house boutique bakery, full espresso bar, live music at night, and patio seating with ocean views, you can have more fun in the whale city than you imagine.


Families in this small beach town enjoy an exceptional school system in the area. Below are some of the highly rated schools in and around Davenport, CA.

Parks and outdoor recreation

Surfing, hiking, backpacking are the most popular outdoor activities in Davenport, CA. Though numerous, below are a few outdoor recreation centers that will give you the best experience.

Leading to the Davenport whaling industry lays this lovely destination for surfers. This state park preserves the wonders of Davenport’s diverse geography, people, and customs. It is a sandy beach with rock walls, dog friendly (kept on leash), has restrooms, tide pools, but with limited free parking.

Davenport Landing Beach is the best place to go if you need a beautiful and romantic spot to slip a ring down someone’s finger. The beauty and serenity make it hard to leave, but that is not a problem.

There is a vacation rental property over the beach’s south end. It is an excellent place to spend the night or host your next family reunion or private getaway.

With clear visibility from Highway 1, the SharkFin Cove is geology at its finest. Though the rock is slightly washed away, its leftovers are even fancier to behold. This cove has plenty of room, should you need a great place to spread out a blanket and have a picnic. Even if you need a place to cool off on a hot day, take a dip in the Ocean.

Are dogs allowed? No, but there are limited free parking, tide pools, beautiful geographic formations, and photo ops.

Offering a wide range of recreational opportunities like horseback riding, hiking, and biking, Rancho Del Osos was Davenport’s home of fun. Even with that, some parts of this park are still open for recreation, though a large portion is closed.

This historic landmark is a county park, and fishing access managed by Santa Cruz. Beachcombing and fishing are the hubs here though windsurfing is also a thing. Nevertheless, there is a lot you can’t miss on the beach, including the top cliff view. Descending the cliffs through a short paved way will lead you to the shore.

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