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824 B Mission Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Midtown Santa Cruz

Midtown is known to be the heart that lies along Soquel Avenue between Ocean and Seabright. The laid-back neighborhood showcases dog-friendly beaches, perfect spots for surfing and great weather all around. Many locally-owned shops and cafes surround this hip and trendy area. It has a lovely nightlife with full bars and live music welcoming everyone.


Midtown is known to be the heart that lies along Soquel Avenue between Ocean and Seabright. The laid-back neighborhood showcases dog-friendly beaches, perfect spots for surfing and great weather all around. Many locally-owned shops and cafes surround this hip and trendy area. It has a lovely nightlife with full bars and live music welcoming everyone.

Seabright has 36,413 residents with a median of 41. The total population comprises 47.98% male and 52.02% female. It has 84.1% U.S.-born citizens, 9.37% non-U.S.-born citizens, and 6.5% non-citizens.

Real Estate Insights

Seabright homes on the eastside of Santa Cruz has the most extensive inventory of ocean view beach cottages. There are many properties with overlooking ocean views like the yacht harbor. Homes in this area are unique with a character, and some consider them iconic beach homes. They are primarily two-floor houses with painted wooden decks. Luxurious oceanfront homes can also be seen.

Seabright is a quiet beachfront community with various characters and great vibes. More than 83% of residents live in the same houses as last year. Most of them have white-collar jobs, which make up almost 85%, while white-blue collar jobs make up 15% of the working population in Seabright. The breakdown is that 57.29% work at private companies, 17.16% work in government institutions, and 15.84% are entrepreneurs.

There are many several housing types in Seabright, Santa Cruz. With over 16,795 housing units, most of them are built between 1970 and 1979, and only 15,250 are currently occupied. Owners occupy almost 54% of the properties, while 46% are renters living in them. Moreover, nearly 75% of households are without children, and the remaining 25% have children.


Rio Theatre

The Rio Theatre is the most versatile live venue in Santa Cruz, California, presenting various events like concerts, lectures, video presentations, and movies. They recently added weddings and meeting conferences to their functions. It is a multi-purpose theatre with a capacity of 680 seats and a thrust stage 40 ft wide, with a center section at 24 ft.

The beautiful main theatre has a historic and romantic ambiance on top of its functionality. It is something residents and tourists look forward to, especially the shows, film festivals, live band performances, and other activities they will hold. The staff, location, parking, and proximity to restaurants make it an exceptional performing arts destination.

Address: 1205 Soquel Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Phone:  831-423-8209


Bill’s Wheels

It is the place where everything skaters need. They have been selling skateboards with various unique designs at Bill's Wheels since 1977. The beautiful pops of color and swirls give those skateboards that 'wow' effect. The shop experienced highs and lows, but it did not stop the owners from dreaming more of serving local and international skaters. Today, the shop in Santa Cruz is going strong, thanks to the support of the people who patronize their products.

Address: 1240 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

Phone: 831-469-0904

Jessie Steele

Jessie Steele was created by a mother and daughter tandem in 2002. They make mixed and matching prints for aprons, kitchen textiles, tote bags, etc. They embrace femininity with the cute and colorful designs of their products. They want every home to be inspired to bake, cook and spend time together on any occasion. It is a beautiful place to find clothing and accessories to bring home.

Address: 541 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

Phone: 877-953-7743


Home/Work is a locally owned boutique that started in 2015. It is a modern bohemian décor shop located in Midtown. It has become a destination for mindful shoppers because of its inspiring, stylish and functional designer pieces for homes and home offices, but still affordable. Some items are global finds that are brought to the shop selected by the owner, Sonia McMoran. Sonia, who worked as a writer for decades, decided to put up a business and share cool and exciting pieces that celebrate the best in past and present design. Overall, H/W promotes fair labor, affordability, and sustainability.

Address: 1100 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA (at the corner of Cayuga)

Phone: 831-316-5215

Cafés and Restaurants

The Buttery

The Buttery, a gourmet bakery and café, has been serving delectable pastries since 1984. The corner café has a spacious outdoor patio with a curbside for ready-to-pick-up and-go orders. They are famous for their marionberry tart, ham and cheese croissant, wedding cakes, pies, etc. They serve hot breakfast, lunch sandwiches, soup, and salads that their customers enjoy every visit. It is one of the top bakeries in Santa Cruz where anyone can enjoy their menu because they use fresh, local, and premium ingredients with some extra sprinkle of love. No wonder everything tastes delicious!

Address: 702 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

Phone: 831-458-3020

Hours: 8AM – 5PM Daily (Except for certain holidays)

Midtown Surf Shop and Coffee Bar

Who would have thought that an all-in-one shop for camping, rafting, and surfing is just around the corner at Midtown Surf Shop and Coffee Bar? It is a go-to place for tourism and outdoor recreation equipment. It is also a fitness store with many sports goodies in stock. Aside from the products and accessories, they have a coffee bar, where shoppers can lounge and hang out after getting all they need. It is a great place to drop by because of the available range of products, including clothes and bags. Great selection of items plus friendly and helpful staff, it's fantastic for everyone. Moreover, their verve coffee is a must-have to kick-start your morning!

Address: 1126 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz

Phone: 831-316-7646

Hours: 8:30AM – 6:30PM Daily (Closed on Saturdays)

Lilian’s Italian Kitchen

Lilian's Italian Kitchen is a family-run business, making the place an extension of their family's kitchen. Grandma Lilly or Lillian's homecooked recipes are the secrets to making this restaurant successful. The dishes combine traditional Sicilian recipes from her parents and Italian influences in her neighborhood. Today, the family recipes are upgraded, offering a variety of fresh and creative additions to the menu and regional wines in the cozy dining venue. The must-try Sunday Gravy and traditional Fettucine Alfredo are delicious!

Address: 1148 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

Phone: 831-425-2288

Hours: 4–8:30 PM (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), 4–9 PM (Friday and Saturday)

Closed on Mondays

Hindquarter Bar & Grille

The friendly neighborhood bar is the perfect place to meet and socialize over softball games on the screen. It is a warm and welcoming environment where they have served traditional meat dishes like steaks and sirloins and some cold brews for over five decades. It is the premier destination for tender, mouthwatering meat such as house-smoked pork chops, slow-roasted prime ribs, baby back ribs, etc. It is definitely the place to find elite meat!

Address: 303 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

Phone: 831-426-7770

Hours: 11:30 AM - 8:30 PM Tuesday-Saturday

Charlie Hong Kong

The famous Charlie Hong Kong serves healthy and sustainable food for all. They make organic food made affordable and accessible to everyone in Santa Cruz. The menu comprises plant-based dishes with many gluten-free options. The apparent reason why CHK is the favorite restaurant of vegans and vegetarians. Everyone loves their deliciously healthy foods aside from their support in making the environment and community better.

Address: 1141 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

Phone: 831-426-5664

Hours: 11AM – 10PM Daily



  • Midtown Montessori

Elementary School

  • Gault Elementary School
  • Ocean Alternative Education
  • Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary
  • Bay View Elementary
  • Santa Cruz Waldorf School
  • Live Oak School District
  • Green Acres Elementary
  • Santa Cruz Children’s School

Middle School

  • Branciforte Middle School

High School

  • Natural Bridges High School
  • Harbor High School


Ocean View Park

Ocean View Park has a beautiful view of the historic Boardwalk and Monterey Bay. It features a basketball half-court and structures at the playgrounds for kids. It has picnic tables for everyone to sit and enjoy picnic snacks while enjoying the view. It is also a pet-friendly park with an off-leash dog area, but dogs must be on-leash outside that area.

Address: 102 Ocean View Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, United States

Phone: 831-420-5270

San Lorenzo Park

San Lorenzo Park is a beautiful place to walk, run, or bike, open from sunrise to sunset. It is situated nearby the Duck Island stage and has an elevation of 33 ft. It has been home to many special events overlooking the San Lorenzo River and a pedestrian bridge connecting downtown and Pacific Avenue. It features a duck pond, 9-hole disc golf course, playground, and a world-class artificial-turf lawn bowling green. However, no dogs are allowed in this park.

Address: 137 Dakota Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, United States

Phone: 831-420-5270

Midtown Santa Cruz is a great place to live because of its bustling neighborhood filled with restaurants, boutiques, venues, and parks to explore. Take advantage of the significantly warmer and sunnier area than the rest of town because Seabright is also known as "the banana belt of Santa Cruz."

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